Imagines, designs and produces.
Preventing pollution by continuously controlling impacts on the environment, efficient use of natural resources and implementing all determined environmentalist programs for all its products and processes...
Why Elfatek ?

Adopting to become a firm
which is always renovated
by research and development
activities and new technological developments, performing a task for the first time without experiencing any problems, producing high-quality and reliable devices and ensuring trust and satisfaction of our customers by giving particular importance on demands and expectations of our customers are our quality policy.

Crane Control and Crane Controls

Product Range; Crane load control systems, crane load control systems, crane load control systems, crane load control systems, crane load control systems, crane load control systems. All of our products are produced by our domestic producers. All products are made from over 70% domestic capital and domestic materials. Elfatek Electronics is a research and development organizations operating in Turkey, industry leaders are eligible. Elfatek Electronics exports to more than 10 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Elfatek Electronics, crane engines, crane scales, crane systems, crane systems. Our products are patented and trademarked, our products have iso certificates. Many of our products have a 2-year warranty. It produces all electronic, software and mechanical parts of Elfatek's controls in its own frame. Elfatek R & D activities with some of Turkey's leading producer and manufacturer. Together with our young and dynamic engineers, we continue with our principles and motivation for high performance and quality products.

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